SGSI Macek Research Center

Research your Slovenian ancestry through the largest repository of Slovenian family histories in the United States and other genealogy resources dedicated to Slovenian genealogy.

The SGSI Macek Research Center was established in 2009, finding its first home within the Slovenian Museum and Archives which opened at the same time. In 2012, the SGSI Macek Research Center moved to its current location at 6415 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.

Searches can be done online and at the SGSI Macek Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Volunteer staff members are there to assist you in starting your research, helping to identify your family's ancestral home in Slovenia and obtaining copies of records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates. 

Visit the SGSI Macek Research Center to Research Your Family Tree

SGSI Macek Research Center is open to SGSI members and researchers by appointment.  Our resources are available for use inside the research center.

To view the upcoming dates that the SGSI Macek Research Center is scheduled to be open, click here to go to the SGSI Events webpage.  To schedule an appointment, click here or go to the link in the How Do I . . .? section below.  Please note that SGSI does permit non-members to visit the research center.  However, to receive support, training and guidance on Slovenian genealogical research, you must be an active SGSI member.

The MRC is located at 6415 St Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103 in Cleveland, Ohio next to the Sloveian National Home and in the traditional Slovenian St. Clair Neighborhood.  Parking is available behind our office or street parking is available in front of the SGSI Macek Research Center.

A sample of the SGSI Macek Research Center's holdings . . .

  • Surname indices from Slovenian newspapers, societies, churches, koledars, books and other publications found in the U.S., Canada, Slovenia, and Australia
  • Family histories
  • Pedigree charts
  • Books from selected areas of Slovenia listing surnames, house names, addresses
  • Slovenian telephone books
  • Photographs
  • Obituaries and prayer cards
  • Topographical maps from the 1700s
  • Historical / current atlases
  • Numerous language dictionaries
  • Oral histories
  • Small holdings for the Gottscheer settlement
  • Books dealing with Slovenia's history--World War I, World War II
  • 3 x 5 card index file for Forest City, PA
  • 3 x 5 card index file of Slovenians collected since the Society first began

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