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SGSI provides for members multiple searchable databases to assist you in researching your Slovene surname.  These databases were compiled by SGSI members who generously donated their time and talent to create these databases.  These surname databases are unique to SGSI and are only available for SGSI members.

There are two ways to search the surname databases:

  1. Go to each database web page and use the search tool to search for your surname.  These pages also include specific how-to-guides specific to that database and how to order the research documents.
  2. Use the Meta Surname Search Engine to search all the SGSI Surname Databases (except for the member-submitted SGSI Surname Database).

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How common is your family's surname in Slovenia?

Go to the Republic of Slovenia Statistical Office website to find out how common your family's surname is in Slovenia and in which regions the surname is found.  

Enter in your surname and click Search Make sure you use the Slovene spelling with the special characters of the Slovene alphabet or you may not get any results!  Below the search box, the following data will be displayed:

  • The number of Slovene residents who have the surname.
  • The ranking of the surname in Slovenia.
  • The statistical region with the most number of residents in Slovenia with this surname.
  • The statistical region where the surname is ranked highest in Slovenia.
  • A map of the statistical regions along with a table of the number and rank of the surname in each statistical region.

Surname Databases Available to SGSI Members

SGSI Surname Database contains information submitted by our members. It includes the submitted name, Slovenian spelling of the name, region of Slovenia associated with the name and the name of our member.  This database is in a searchable table so data from this index is not included in the meta search of the surname index databases.

Ameriška domovina is a Slovenian language paper published in Cleveland, Ohio. This index mainly lists births, marriages, and deaths of Slovenians.  Indexed by Patricia Pate.

Index of Church and Fraternal Publications holds over 150,000 names found in more than 135 publications.  Indexed by Mary Lou Debeljak Davison, James C. Davison, Patricia Johnson and Kathy Dillon.

Ava Maria Koledar was compiled from annual yearbooks published by the Slovene Franciscan Fathers of Lemont, IL. SGSI owns an incomplete set of the series published between 1916 and 1954.   Indexed by Patricia Pate.

Ameriški Družinski Koledar contains the names of Slovenians and their businesses the in Ameriški Družinski Koledar (American Family Almanac). The yearbook was published from 1915 to 1950 in Chicago.  Indexed by Patricia Pate.

Novi Svet Index contains short biographies of Slovenian families from across the United States who subscribed to Novi Svet – (New World), a family magazine for American Slovenes.  Indexed by the Ohio SGSI Chapter.

Prosveta Index Prosveta (the Enlightenment) is a newspaper published by the Slovenian fraternal organization, Slovenian National Benefit Society - Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota - the SNPJ. This Index is a listing of every surname found in every edition of this newspaper from 1916 to 2008--over one million entries.  Indexed by Patricia Pate.

Narodni Adresar is a publication that lists the leaders of Slovene organizations in America and Canada in 1937.

The Voice of Youth is a publication of the Slovene National Benefit Society published for their youth members who participated in groups called Circles.  Indexed by the Smiley family.

Women Behind the Scenes Interviews  Patty Sluga, program hostess for “Women Behind the Scenes,” produced 256 interviews of women in the greater Cleveland area.  The recordings are15- 20 minutes in length and contain information about the lives of these women and their support of activities/events within the Slovenian community.

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